There are few environments in the world that can replicate the intensity and sensory stimulation a driver experiences behind the wheel of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series machine. From the sights and sounds of the competition to the physical strength required to compete at high rates of speed, dedication and proper planning can either lead a driver to Victory Lane, or leave them in the dust to try again the following week.

When handling more than one ton of sheet metal at high rates of speed, attention to detail is imperative. During a race, the inside of the No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevy SS can be hectic. From the smells of burning rubber and exhaust, to the sounds of screeching tires and revving engines, Kasey is able to maintain his focus and perform under pressure. As a way to maintain his concentration, Kasey breaks the race into segments and consistently communicates the performance and handling of his car to the crew.

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Racing is more than a sport – it’s a way of life. Some drivers spend their entire career trying to get to the top. For Kasey Kahne, his talent and passion have brought him to the elite level that is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. When he gets behind the wheel of his Farmers Insurance machine, his love for the sport and determination for success are evident. He strives for perfection and aims to continuously improve as a driver and member of one of the top teams in the sport.

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Road courses, ovals, speedways and short tracks all require a unique plan for success. During superspeedway races, Kasey is in constant contact with his spotter in order to maintain awareness of his opponents and improve his position on track. For short tracks, Kasey heavily relies on his crew in the pits to identify the appropriate adjustments needed to move through the field. At road courses, everything changes. From the increase in braking and shifting to turning right and even pitting the car in reverse, the crew must be prepared for any scenario to stay at the top.

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