Preparation is key to maintaining a solid plan for victory. In the world of racing, Kasey Kahne prepares to win by staying in shape, maintaining a healthy diet, minimizing stress and focusing on safety.

In any sensory-reaction sport, fitness is key. A driver experiences forces in excess of five Gs throughout a race, so it’s vital that a race car driver’s mind and body remain in peak condition. Kasey trains four to five days a week and incorporates a number of high-intensity cross-training sessions to maintain an elite level of fitness. As a natural born competitor, Kasey enjoys integrating basketball, running and swimming into his training routine.

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Fuel for the body is just as important as fuel for the machine. When it comes to diet, Kasey keeps it lean and healthy to maintain his strength, endurance and weight. Simple whole foods are at the core of his diet with a variety of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins also included. Balanced nutrition is extremely important to race car drivers as any increase or decrease in body weight can alter how a car handles and performs on track.

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The NASCAR season runs over the course of 10 months and requires drivers to endure intense physical stress. Kasey takes a number of steps to ensure his body can withstand the pressure of competing weekly and recovering quickly. Hydration is key as temperatures inside of the car can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Kasey alternates between Gatorade and water in the days leading up to a race and manages stress by clearing his mind with a run.

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The most critical aspect of preparation is safety. A Sprint Cup Series machine can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph and NASCAR goes to great lengths to safeguard drivers whenever the car is in motion. Features like the six-point shoulder harness, HANS device, custom NOMEX fire suits, fitted carbon fiber seats, and head rests ensure Kasey remains as safe as possible on track. All of these safety measures are checked and re-checked by the team before each qualifying session and race.

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