When the checkered flag has flown, Kasey and the Farmers crew load up their equipment and head back to the Hendrick Motorsports shop. In the days after a race, Kasey reviews his performance, fulfills sponsor and media requests and plans for the following week with his team.

Once the dust has settled after a race, the focus for Kasey turns to breaking down his performance and identifying areas where opportunities exist for improvements. After a race event, Kasey makes the trip back home and debriefs with Crew Chief Kenny Francis as quickly as possible. Maintaining efficient notes and keeping accurate reports on how their car handled is crucial for Kasey and the team in order to be prepared for the next time they compete at a specific track.

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After Kasey and the crew have reviewed their performances from the race, they compare notes and collaboratively form a strategy plan for the following week. In NASCAR, teams race on a short track one week and a superspeedway the next. Kasey’s ability to adapt and the team’s determination to creating a concise plan for competition are tremendously important because of the constant changes in race venues.

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Being a top NASCAR driver includes a variety of business, media and fan responsibilities. In addition to Kasey’s day job of competing in the No. 5 Chevrolet SS, he has sponsor meetings, appearances and media interviews to attend. During the week, he helps promotes the sport and his sponsors in addition to running his own Kasey Kahne Racing business. While races are on Saturdays and Sundays, Kasey’s schedule can have him flying across the country fulfilling these commitments before heading to the track to compete.

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