The strategy to succeed doesn’t stop for the Farmers Insurance team when the car hits the track. Every aspect of the car is monitored during the race, from the fuel mileage and communication with Kasey, to the car’s handling and parts performance.

NASCAR races are unpredictable. It’s not uncommon for drivers and cars to make contact on track, and because of that, crews are required to react quickly in the pits to stay in contention for the win. While the crew keeps a number of tools and spare body parts in the pits, NASCAR mandates that cars sustaining moderate damage must report to the garage area for extended repairs.

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A driver’s reaction time is doubled when distracted by reading or sending a text message. Don’t do it.


The performance of a car changes drastically throughout the course of a race. Crew chiefs and team engineers monitor how the car is performing in order to formulate a strategy for improvements. The team analyzes lap times, how the car handles in traffic and clean air, and where it stacks up against the competition. In the absence of a fuel gauge, the team carefully tracks fuel mileage in order to maximize pit strategy.


As a master of his craft, Kasey Kahne has the unique ability to understand, diagnose and accurately communicate with his team in the pits on how his car is performing on track. Kasey has been racing his entire life, and if something isn’t going as planned, his crew relies on him for feedback. If his car is too loose or too tight, or, if he’s not getting enough grip into the corners, the communication he is able to provide to the team is essential for success.

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