NASCAR conducts inspections before, during and after each race to ensure specific items on the cars have not been altered. An inspection of six cars takes place after the race to keep the playing field level. The race winner and one random car go through a full inspection, while any cars placing second through fifth make a trip through the height sticks and undergo checks for the rear-end housing, gearbox and shocks.

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The Farmers crew spends a majority of the season on the road, so the team hauler services as a race shop on wheels. A successful race weekend strategy requires teamwork and organization to ensure necessary parts are packed for every race. The No. 5 team has one hauler, which means after almost every race, the rig travels back to North Carolina to be cleaned, organized and reloaded with the necessary equipment on the list for the next race.

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The Farmers team’s race weekend preparation begins long before the No. 5 Chevrolet gets to the track. At the shop, the team reviews car setups in order to understand its assembly and make adjustments based on feedback from Kasey Kahne and Kenny Francis. Team engineers and mechanics anticipate potential changes based on comments collected throughout a race weekend. The team applies simulation techniques to ensure they are as fast as possible as soon as they unload off the hauler.

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