During the race Teamwork

Each trip down pit road is an opportunity for Kasey and the Farmers crew to improve their position. Because of the high caliber of competition on the track, the crew must perform at the highest-level possible when going over the wall, making adjustments and servicing the No. 5 Chevy SS. The smallest oversight during a pit stop can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The No. 5 Farmers pit crew is comprised of two groups with slightly different areas of responsibility. The first team is responsible for getting the car through practice and qualifying and ready for race day. The second team, which goes over the wall during the race, travels only on race day, allowing them additional time in the gym for training and at the shop for pit practice. The Farmers team also has several backup pit crew members who serve as tire runners and fuel runners during the race.

During the race Pit Stops

The pit crew serves as both the offense and defense for the team during the race. Six crew members consisting of two tire changers, two tire carriers, a gas man and a jackman, all go over the wall once Kasey pulls into the pit. A typical stop involves changing tires, making necessary adjustments and fueling the car. The crew works diligently to gain positions while on pit road, with the average length of a pit stop being between 12 and 13 seconds.

During the race Review

Each pit stop the crew executes is filmed by a video camera mounted directly above the pit box. While reviewing tape before and after a race is important, it’s even more beneficial for the team to review their stops on the monitors located in the pit box. Once Kasey has returned to track, the team immediately analyzes their stop and identifies areas where they may be able to improve.