The Farmers team dedicates thousands of hours into preparing themselves and the car for competition. The pit crew conducts practice 3x a week and participates in intense physical training 4x a week. As with pursuing victory in any sport, strong mental preparation is also essential.

The members of the Farmers pit crew are athletes in their own right, and like any professional athlete, maintain a strict workout regimen. The crew conducts workout sessions two-a-days during the week, splitting their time between workouts and pit practice. Yoga, strength training, full flexion movements and balance exercises are all key pillars in the team’s workout routine.

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Competing in NASCAR is as much of a mental sport as it is a physical one. Outside of training and pre-race warm ups, each member prepares for the race in their own way. Some crew members use music as a way to prepare mentally while others prefer arriving early to the pit stall to make certain everything they need is where it should be and ready to go.

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Upon the pit crew’s arrival to the track on race day, they deploy into smaller groups for preparations. Their responsibilities include setting up the pit box, retrieving tires from Goodyear and applying lug nuts onto No. 5 team’s wheels. Once all pre-race tasks are complete, the crew takes a slight break before attending their team meeting, stretching as a group and suiting up for the race. They arrive to the pit box 30 minutes prior to pre-race activities and together, line up as a team for the national anthem and flyover.

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