The Engineering

The team of engineers at Hendrick Motorsports focuses on the chassis and set up of the car and works to maximize efforts in finding as much speed in the car as possible. Strong parts, superior suppliers and an intense quality control process all factor into how competitive the team can be race to race.

The Machine Safety

The No. 5 Chevrolet is a machine engineered for power, speed and agility; but perhaps most importantly, it’s designed for safety. Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR each conduct weekly inspections of Kasey’s safety equipment. From his seat, fire suit, helmet and HANS device – each item is built specifically for Kasey to give him the confidence and security needed for him to focus entirely on driving.

The Machine Design

Hendrick Motorsports worked closely with General Motors in designing the Chevrolet Gen6 car and getting it ready for competition. The goal for the car was to mimic the Chevy SS production car you see in the showroom, but with the aero package and power needed to race to the 2013 NASCAR championship. The change from last season’s car for Chevrolet is in line with all manufacturers in the sport, which is to highlight manufacturer identity within the garage.

The Machine Parts

A top-performing machine and team require the best when it comes to parts, research development and equipment. While many parts on the No. 5 Chevrolet are engineered by Hendrick Motorsports to ensure the best possible quality from start to finish, additional suppliers are employed to provide parts to the organization. The team tracks mileage restrictions for every part on the car, and once a part hits a certain number of miles, it is returned to the shop’s central parts department where it’s either sold or recycled.