After The Race

A high-performance machine and crew require attention after battling on the track. Both brains and brawn are required to properly tear down and inspect the No. 5 Chevrolet and recover from a weekend event. During the days following a race, the team returns to the shop, prepares in the gym, reviews their performance from the previous week and prepares for the next event.

After the race Transition

As soon as the race is over, the team loads the No. 5 Chevrolet, tools and equipment back onto the hauler. Amazingly, the entire process takes less than a half-hour to complete after the race finishes. The team’s hauler driver is charged with piloting the race hauler to Hendrick Motorsports, while the rest of the crew flies back in order to return to the shop Monday morning.

After the race Recovery

There is little rest for a NASCAR pit crew member. After most of the 36 points races, the team reports back to Hendrick Motorsports on Monday to prepare for the next race. While the pit crew takes a break from pit practice the day immediately after a race, they resume their training schedule with weight lifting and yoga and return to normal pit practice on Tuesday. The team employs an athletic trainer and pit crew coach to monitor the team’s nutrition and physical fitness and attend to any minor injuries they may have experienced over the course of a race weekend.

After the race Review

Evaluating video from the race weekend and assessing how the team performed are essential for improvement. Every Tuesday the crew watches film from the race, analyzes data and applies what they learned into the following week’s plan. Within each race organization, teams compete to be their shop’s top crew, and both this internal competition and external competition at the track helps push the Farmers team to continuously make smart decisions.